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Paper vs mesh tape...

Getting ready to tape and spackle our new kitchen wall and have received many conflicting opinions regarding the type of tape to use. Can you please give me your preference and reasons why I should use a particular type of tape? Thanks!

A. Spruce
Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

Use whichever you prefer. I prefer mesh because it takes a step out of the taping process (premudding the joint to stick the tape into). It's a little more expensive, but it's so much faster and easier to use. I also think that it holds up to movement and resists cracking better than paper.

You probably already know this, however it's not "spackle" you use to tape or repair walls, it's drywall compound. It comes in two flavors, joint and topping. Joint is a little "stickier", dries a little harder, and is best used for tapping of joints and deeper repairs. Topping is just that, for topping. It is a little "thinner" and doesn't dry as hard, making for easier sanding of the final layer before texture and primerpaint.

Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

I prefer paper. I have never had a paper joint crack on me but have had mesh taped joints crack. If you use mesh tape be sure to use fast dry for at least the first coat on a ceiling.

Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

Hi shayla,

Actually Mesh tape is use only for to refill drywall joints.This is patchy so my suggestion is you use only mesh tape for this pupose.



Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

generally you will use paper tape for the corners with premix mud and you will get a nicer looking corner, if you don't have one it is worth getting a corner tool (butterfly) for doing the inside corners makes them look much nicer. and you use the mesh tape with bag mud also called hot mud, it dries much harder than the premix does so you have less problems with the joints due to the mesh tape. but you usually always use the premix for your top coat because it is easier to sand and you can blend out the edges better.

Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

thanks guys! The project is all done...used paper tape and was very pleased with the results. Got to use the mesh tape that I had on hand when we put down the cement backer board for the tile floor.

Re: Paper vs mesh tape...

Actually, the mesh tape used for cement backer board is thicker & heavier than the tape used for drywall.

Unless you have a lot of movement in the floor, there shouldn't be any problems, though.

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