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Old Kitchen Faucet help (1925)

My kitchen faucet is spouting up in the air...due to somewhere in time, the faucet part was not able to be reseated in the handle section - to handles, hot and cold, comes out of the wall, not up from the sink cabinet. Anyway, the faucet sits in there with an o-ring and then a threaded cap clamps it down, but can't seem to be screwed back on. Where might I find replacement parts or a work around to fix this? Do they still make faucets that can come from the wall instead of the counter?

Second question. When turning on the sinks (doesn't seem to happen with shower) the water starts strong, then loses pressure...will even go all the way off, and there is a sound like air in the lines. You have to turn the faucet up higher. Then when turning off, the pressure is quirky... sometimes you turn the handle far and the water goes off, other times only half way and the water goes off for a few moments, then seems to lose pressure and starts to drip... so then you turn the handle the rest of the way to finish turning off... Okay I don't think I'm being very articulate here. I remember years back my dad had to do something with the water lines in the house whenever he serviced the holding tank... Seemed like he bled the lines and made sure all the air was out. Any ideas?

Re: Old Kitchen Faucet help (1925)

It sounds like your faucet needs to be repacked. The nut with the o ring is where this is done. What you think is an o ring is really old dried up compressed packing material. I doubt if any faucets from the '20's have any o rings.

First buy some packing at the hardware store. I usually find the black or white graphite or teflon stuff easier to use. The rope packing is harder to deal with, but is sometimes needed to fill up the space.

Take off the cap & dig out the old hard stuff with a screwdriver. Try not to stab yourself. ;)

Wrap the new packing around the stem. As much as possible, but leave room to get a few threads purchase.

Tighten down the threaded cap. Enough to keep it from leaking, but not so much to bind it up.

You might want to try & replace the washers if it had been dripping when turned off. Hopefully the retaining screw isn't too corroded & will come out. If no new washer to fit try turning the old one around. This only works once though.

Don't know about the other problem. Could be a bladder problem in the pressure tank if you're on a well.

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