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Oil Heat

Can anyone recomend a good oil fired boiler for a recirculating hot water baseboard heating plant? I know there have been some good ones on the show, I just don't remember any of the manufacturers.

Re: Oil Heat

Crown, Slant/Fin, Biasi, Utica, Burnham, Hydrotherm, Dunkirk, Peerless, Weil-McLain and Triangle Tube would be a few well-known, quality boilers.

Other quality units would be Buderus (import, expensive), New Yorker, NTI Odyssey, Energy Kinetics, Smith, and Viessmann (expensive, German).

Most of these boilers are U.S. made by mfgrs that specialize in making only boilers & have been making them for many years.

It is recommended that you get at least 4-6 different estimates from heating contractors, oil dealers and Oil burner techs (consult the Yellow Pages under these headings) before you choose which one to buy---there will be a wide variety of boiler mfgrs & types of boilers offered & a wide price range for the install.

It's very important to choose an experienced, well-qualified installer to get a good product that suits your particular house's needs---call neighbors, relatives, co-workers, put up a sign on your work-place bulletin board asking for advice from anyone who has had a recent heating system installed for a good local boiler installer.

For example, some oil-fired boilers can be noisy enough to be heard in the living quarters when they're firing---if you can hear your present boiler (especially at nite while in bed), make this known to the installer; most boilers can be quieted down by simply trying different similar nozzles until a quiet one is found; then again, some brands of boiler tend to run more quietly than others.

Recommended also is the companion indirect hot water heater (usually 40 gallons) for the domestic HW for dishes, showers, etc. by Triangle Tube Phase 3, HTP Superstor, Weil-McLain G-o-l-d Plus, TFI Everhot, or Amtrol Boilermate---typical install cost is $1500 to $2500.

How much do you want to spend?---there are 3 basic types of boiler; type 1 is the entry-level low-cost reliable, long-lasting cast iron boiler that is the workhorse of the heating industry that is approx. 83% AFUE efficient at approx. $3k installed; type 2 is the improved cast iron more efficient 3-pass boiler that is approx. 86% efficient at approx. $4k installed (3-pass is recommended for better fuel economy & easier cleaning); type 3 is the newer stainless steel/aluminum heat exchanger, condensing, but these are mostly gas-fired & not really recommended for oil-fired systems ($8k installed, typical).

Recommended 3-pass oil-fired boilers include Biasi B10, Buderus G215, Burnham MPO, Crown Freeport, Dunkirk EV/Empire series, EK System 2000, Hydrotherm PB series, Peerless PRO/WBV series, Slant/Fin Eutectic, & Weil-McLain WGO.

If you intend to move in the near future, trend toward the less-expensive cast iron units if money is an issue; you might be able to get a type 1 low-cost quality cast iron boiler installed for as little as approx. $2k.

Google "Boilers Product List" & click onto the latest updated list of all Energy Star boilers now available dated November 16, 2010---if the site doesn't load, click onto the "cached" icon to get it to download.

Re: Oil Heat

Thank you !

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