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Need help with a subpar HWF refinish job


I live in a Boston 100 year old triple decker, and just had 2 bedroom floors refinished. The contractor was 'A' rated on Angies list and gave me a good quote $560 for 2 beds (each 11x11 square rooms with 1 tiny closet each). Quote included stripping floors, 1 coat oil primer, 2 coats oil satin finish. (no furniture moving, no stains, no fixing/patching of floor).

At the end of the job, I noticed that in both rooms, there are a number (6+ in each room) of circular sanding/buffing scratches (approx 6 inch arcs) visible to the ***** eye. And, in 1 bedroom, there were significant scratches in the finish (see link below).

I didn't want them to come back (for fear of even more problems), so I negotiated payment of $400. The proprietor wasn't happy, saying that this wouldn't cover their costs, but I felt that an 'A' rated Angies list contractor should provide quality results, regardless of cost.

So, 3 questions:

1-Was I completely unrealistic about the quality and cost?
2-How do I remove the finish scratches?
3-Can I remove the sanding scratches without redoing the entire floor?

Thanks in advance...



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