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Mystery switch

Hi, I've got a question concerning a switch in my master bedroom. One of the switches operates a ceiling light/fan. The other switch I have no idea. We put up the ceiling fan/light when we moved in several years ago. At that time there was only a incadescent light. All the outlets work when this unknown switch is up or down, so I don't know what this switch would operate. Thanks for any help. Hunter J.

Re: Mystery switch

It's common for electricians to install two switches leading to a ceiling box where a fan *could* be installed: one switch for the fan, the other for the light-on-the-fan.

It's also common to hook up only one of these switches to a fan/light combination (where the kit has a remote), leaving the other switch unused.

When you took down the light and put up the fan, did you perchance see a red wire in the box capped off with a wire nut but connected to nothing? If so, this probably comes from the mystery switch.

Re: Mystery switch

if you've ever watched married with children you would know that the switch goes to the light in the dog house in the back yard........if not, in my house i have a mystery switch in my house too that i installed. i ran a wire for a future light which i might or might not ever use but i did it during the remodel to save me the time and trouble later. i'm sure an electrician could find out what it is for.

Re: Mystery switch

Thank you Fence Post. There was a red capped wire. And we did tell the builder that we would replace the light with a ceiling fan. They wanted an extra $200 to install the ceiling fan bracket and fan/light combo.
MLBSF, thank you too. I did check all doghouses in the neighborhood, but they were wired correctly.:D
I appreciate the responses.

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