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I have a mole problem. Any suggestions about getting rid of them? They are in the yard, garden, flower bed, mulched areas. HELP!

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Re: Moles
Re: Moles

If it's warm enough to plant peanuts in your area do so. The moles will congregate and eat the peanut roots. Poisons never work. The best bet is to level the soil and wait quietly until you see it move. Jab the moving spot with a pitchfork. Repeat as often as necessary. As far as I know that is the only method guaranteed to kill the pesky critters.

Re: Moles

I have read that moles don't like or cannot survive with a wet fur. So I take a garden hode and insert it at the highest elevation of their tunnels and let the water go. It often runs for half an hour until all the tunnels are flooded.
I don't think that the moles die from that but they go somewhere else, at least.


Re: Moles

Moles can live with wet fur, they are outside animals. try giant destroyer, It is a smoke bomb sold over the counter,it kills them in the ground, use more than you think.

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