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Locked Out

We just had our new front door installed along with a new lockset. Sunday morning after my husband left for work, I took my dog out the new front to do her morning business. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I got that "feeling". The door had locked behind me. I didn't realize the new lockset can be opened from the inside but locked from the outside. So, I went around to check all the other doors...all locked as well. Being that it was January and raining, all the windows were locked as well. All but one. We replaced all the windows in our house except the upstairs bathroom (the reason why is another story in itself). Ok, so here's the situation: It's January. It's raining. It's 8am on a Sunday. I'm in my bathrobe and slippers. I'm locked out.
The dog is looking at me.
Only one thing to do... get through the upstairs bathroom window. So, I get the big ladder from behind the house, put it up to the flat roof on our garage. Go up the ladder, and once I'm on THAT roof, I hoist the ladder up and put it up to the kitchen roof so I can get on THAT roof and then to the bathroom window. Just as I am about to get on the kitchen roof, the ladder starts to slide out from under me. It was like slow motion. I ended up on the garage roof tangled up with the ladder. Now I'm soaking wet and in alot of pain. I can barely stand up. My left ankle hurts, my right leg hurts and my knee won't bend. Worst of it all...I'm still locked out.
The dog is barking at me.
I'm thinking if my dog was Lassie she would go to the neighbors for help. But somehow I doubt my neighbors will open the door to a 100 lb pitbull barking at their door.
I lay there contemplating what to do now. I manage to crawl across the flat roof that I was on to another semi-sloped roof, then down to still another smaller roof, and down to the side door.
The dog is now licking me.
I managed to crawl to an old wooden basement door and proceeded to break in with a sledge ax that I didn't put away after splitting wood.
I crawled through the basement, up the stairs and into the living room, grabbing my cell phone on the way. I am soaking wet, very cold, and in terrible pain. But I am glad to finally be in my house. It is now 11:30.

I look at the dog...she is on the couch resting comfortably.

The outcome: I severely twisted my left ankle. I screwed up my right knee, I broke my right leg. But I am happy to say that I have been back up on that ladder. Only I make sure someone is there to hold it.

Re: Locked Out

So how many keys do you now have hidden outside?;)

Re: Locked Out

I just replaced 2 locksets on exterior doors this weekend. And darned if these locks don't work the same as yours do. I didn't realize it until I was nearly finished or I would have returned them.
Your experience prompted me to hide a key(actually inside the garage, not out, since the garage door has a keypad).
Of course I was the first one to lock myself out, but a knock on the door got a response from inside. I'm ready for when no one is home to let me in though.;)

Re: Locked Out

I too have that same lock and if I had known what it was before I mutlated the package to get it out it would have gone back. I ran out the front door, past the new lock and swung it shut behind me. I knew in an instant what I had done but hoped it was not so. I had tried to get the garbage cans to the road without being seen and before the truck got there.
I gently grabbed the door knob and twisted as if being nice to it would make it behave any better, nope locked! In my bathrobe I trotted around to the bathroom window and tapped on it, my husband was in there showering. After banking for 5 minutes he finally appeared, lauging at me and asking if the honking outside was because of my state of undress or stupidity? Hmmm not the smartest guy in the world. Needless to say we now have a key on the front porch because one week to the day later he did the same darn thing! Touche'

Re: Locked Out

What kind of locksets do this? I need to replace mine (front door deadbolt gets stuck and I can't open it)... and have 4 doors to the outside to replace. I sure don't want to get the kind that would be so mean as to lock me outside in my bathrobe or towel and my own stupidity! :eek:

Re: Locked Out

the only time I have seen a lockset do this is when it was improperly installed. would be interested to see what kind of lockset that does this. (get rid of unwanted guests that way. "Please step out on the front porch and grab my notepad for me")

Re: Locked Out

Of the commonly available big-box stuff.........Schlages operate in this fashion and so do some others. You can check them out on the store's display board IF they are mounted in an operational fashion there.

No Kwiksets that I'm aware of will "trick" you. I wouldn't bother buying anything other lesser/cheaper than a Titan series though.

Re: Locked Out

Schlages are what got me. The commercial hardware always seemed to be of good quality. I got them without a lot of looking when an old kwickset was about to give up the ghost & not let anybody in or out.
I wish I would have taken my time.

Re: Locked Out

Heck, Ed. I know that the local Menard's here would take the stuff back without any argument. Just tell 'em what the deal is and a refund is yours. Hope wherever you purchased these will do the same. If a big-box.......most likely they will.

If that doesn't work out.......do ya know any of the local builders, handymen or landlords/rentors in your area? If so, you can probably strike a deal with them for the doorsets and get the most of your money back. Then go get what works for you and what you want.

Some folks definitely want that design feature and some don't. Guess it depends upon how paranoid they are in general or when they take the 20 steps to the mailbox, etc...... and/or what kinda neighborhood they live in. If my neighborhood was like that...........I'd scoot outta there in a hurry. Life's too short to live that way, IMO.

Our house is in an area where you could leave it unlocked while spending the winter in Arizona and everything would be there when you got back. Might even find a hot apple pie on the table when you returned if the neighbors know when you're returning. That's my kinda place.

Then again, the winters are kinda harsh here and criminals don't like to shovel snow or shiver all that much, so they pretty much spend their winters layin' on the couch or down at the mall scammin' or pick-pocketing. :D

Re: Locked Out

Then again, the winters are kinda harsh here and criminals don't like to shovel snow or shiver all that much, so they pretty much spend their winters layin' on the couch or down at the mall scammin' or pick-pocketing. :D

Oh ... you have the sissy criminals.:D
My house was broken into during a midwinter deeeep freeze cold snap up here. I returned home to find the front door open a pile of stuff gone and the furnace blasting away trying to heat the great white north.... got robbed twice ... by the crooks and my gas bill.:rolleyes:

Yep ... have the old lock behind you door sets too ... got tiered of taking windows apart to crawl in so just keep a spare key hidden outside.

Re: Locked Out

I have that same sort of lock on my back door but I bought that type on purpose. I was told that it is called a "panic lock" because it can be locked but still open from the inside. The idea is that, in the case of a fire or other emergency, the family can just go out of the door without fumbling with the lock while in a panic. I don't hide keys outside of my house because all thieves know about the fake rock, under the plant, IN the plant, the doormat and the brick moulding over the door trick. I simply never set foot outside unless my keys are in my pocket. :D If I'm going to be in and out a lot, I just unlock the door.


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