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Linseed, Lacquer or nothing?

We are refinishing an attic in an old home (historic Victorian, 1900). 

I've put a lot more money in than at first I intended, and now that the cieling is up, I have to make a decision about staining etc. It's pine tongue and groove (see picture). The attic will be used for office space, gymn, playroom, and there is a bathroom in the back. 

My contractor quoted me at 10k to stain and seal with two different colors (trim different) or 8 k to stain and seal in one color, and we all agreed that would look amazing, but I don't think I can afford it.

It was suggested a much cheaper option would be simply to apply linseed oil, with or without varnish. Or we could just do varnish.

I want to save money, but not do anything stupid. The tongue in groove is covering foam-insulated cieling, if that makes any difference. Also the attic will be air conditioned. Floors will be fake hardwood vinyl.

So, linseed? Lacquer? Linseed and Lacquer? or nothiong?

Would appreciate any advice here.


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Re: Linseed, Lacquer or nothing?

I would probably give the surface a wipe down with a rag modestly wetted with lacquer thinner just to make sure the oil finish was very thin (and clean) before shooting nitro onto that surface. 

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