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Ledger Board Bolts

I'm putting a deck on my house and was going to bolt the ledger board, which will be pressure treated lumber, to the house with galvanized bolts. However, I've heard that galvanized metal should not come in contact with treated lumber because of corrosion. Is this true? If it is what is the alternative for the galvanized bolts and the fasteners used to hang the joists?
Thank you.
Bucky B.

Re: Ledger Board Bolts

The current generation of pressure treated lumber ACQ or CA use more copper in the formula. With regular steel fasteners the copper would cause them to corrode rapidly.
Galvinized treated fasteners can be used ...however .... the electro-plated ones have too thin of a coating and will eventually corrode. Using hot dipped galvinized fastenters will have a thicker coating and will resist corrosion far better...... or ... galvinized fasteners which are labelled "ACQ approved" can be used as well.

The ultimate choice are stainless steel fasteners.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Ledger Board Bolts

I remember the article in Fine Homebuilding & I think they were just using standard self adhering membrane flashing as used around windows to isolate the joist hangers from the wood. Building felt was mentioned too, but the membrane was easier to use with the hangers. Joist hangers typically don't have a heavy galvanized coating.
From every thing I've read, hot dipped galvanized fasteners are OK, but S.S. is best as Canuk said.

Re: Ledger Board Bolts

Thanks for the answers.

I'll be going with the Hot Dipped Galvanized bolts and I think I'll also use the Grace Vycor self adhering flashing between the joist hangers and the joists.

Bucky B.

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