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Just bought first home - Maintenance?

Hi all,

My wife and I just bought our first house (after living in apartments for many years). Anyway, the house was built in 1910, but renovated within the past 7 years (keeping all of its charm). Anyway, are there any books that anyone could suggest that we can read to see what we need to do on a periodic basis as maintenance? Having never owned a house before, we are a bit clueless. Our plan is to create a checklist/schedule of what needs to be done periodically. Any advice would be greatly suggested.

thanks so much!


Re: Just bought first home - Maintenance?

from your post i'm assuming you did not get a home inspection when you bought your home. my advice would be to hire a licensed home inspector and have him inspect your home and make sure you tag along with him. as he looks at what you have and don't have he can tell you what has to be maintained and how often you should do certain things. it's a very broad question to ask someone to give you a list or to buy a book because there are so many different possibilities. your furnace might require bi-annual service because it's very old or just yearly if it's not that old. there are things you can do and things you'll have to hire someone to do because no one can know everything about every system in your house. if you did get a home inspection then call your inspector and have him come back and go over things with you, most of them will do that for no or minimal charge.

Re: Just bought first home - Maintenance?

I agree with the post above. It depends on your specific home.

The one thing that I can say for sure is that although maintenance is annoying, costs time and money, and isn't that rewarding, you will definitely regret not keeping up with it the first time you have a major necessary home repair that could have been avoided.

Re: Just bought first home - Maintenance?

1) Keep gutters clean and leak free

2) Make sure roof is sound.

3) Keep exterior trim, window frames and any wood painted.

Re: Just bought first home - Maintenance?

We also just bought our first home and would love suggestions on a book or site that has some checklists, etc. We had a thorough home inspection, but a book of extras or other things that come up later would be helpful..

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