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It goes "thump" in the n ight

We purchased a new Lennox Model CW88-175E boiler in Nov. 2006. Our goal was more efficient heat and the peace-of-mind of having new, reliable equipment. We have a typical suburban house, with three heating zones, circulating hot water, gas fired.
Since installation we have had noise in the 2nd floor heating circuit. We believe the noise occurs when the thermostat is satisfied and sends a shut off signal. The noise is akin to a "water hammer" except it does not repeat in a stuttering manner.
We had the installer return on several occasions and could not replicate the noise while installer was on premises. The installer drained and refilled the line. We installed foam pipe insulation where some pipes were close. All to no avail.
On our most recent visit, the tech suggested that the zone valve - a Honeywell model V8043F1036 was shutting too fast and causing the noise. He lamented that the White-Rodgers valves closed slower and could fix our problem.
The tech's firm is willing to install a White-Rodgers valve on the circuit for $224 for the part + labor with no guarantee that the fix would solve our noise. I am seeking advice - is this a good investment of $300 ?
noisy heat, Vestal, NY

Re: It goes "thump" in the n ight

I really do like it when "professionals" offer their "expert" opinions at what will fix your problem. . . Then tell you its at your expense win, lose or draw. . .:mad:

Tell your "installer" you'll be more then happy to pay them if the problem is solved with any of their offerings. . . If not it's on their dime until they get it right. If they don't like it, find some really pro's who will.

I'm sorry I couldn't supply you with an answer though. . . .

Re: It goes "thump" in the n ight

That model Honeywell zone valve is well known to cause noise problems due to a tension spring in the power head that is too strong---also sometimes the mounting screws get loose & cause the same symptom---then again sometimes the noise is caused by supply pipe/riser pipe expansion/contraction when the pipes heat up or cool down---try calling another tech that can check these issues out---this problem is easily solveable without installing a new valve.

Re: It goes "thump" in the n ight

I just went through the same problem, I had a zone valve replaced and immediately after that I started to get the water hammer when the zone was satisfied. after 4 callouts from the contractor their "expert" finally fixed it. the cause was a spring that honeywell has on the valve that I assume must be to assist in closing on higher pressure systems. it was closing the valve too fast causing the hammer, all that was done was to snap the spring off and its been working fine ever since. it sure can keep you up at night waiting for the pipes to break. try that and see if it helps.

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