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I have a spring under my house!

If I dig down in my yard about 2 feet, there's water. In my crawl space the water FLOWS to the sump pump. It turns on every 45 seconds and runs for 8-10 months. The grade around my house and approx 500 feet away does not change much. My crawl space is 4 1/2 feet deep. If my sump pump turns off, a foot of water will be there the next day. I have had contractors and engineers look at it. They do not know what to tell me. When they walk in the gravel under my house, bubbles come up. I have NO suface water adding to the problem. All measures have been taken to keep the suface water away. I live in Republic, MO which is right outside of Springfield. Please post your advice! Thanks! Our house is sinking and the floors are cracking!:eek:

Re: I have a spring under my house!

You may want to have the water tested to see if the source is city water or a natural source. If it is treated water, you may be able to track the source back to a pipe leak.

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