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Humming sound in house

This is my first post and I apologize if this has been asked before recently. I did a search but did not find anything about this subject though. I hope someone will have some knowledge of this problem, possibly some advice or help in solving the mystery!

For the first time ever, we noticed a low humming inside our house that never stops, about 2 months ago. It is either a constant low hum or one that goes for approximately 5 seconds, stops for 2 seconds, then restarts over again. There is no pattern except that we notice more of the constant hum at night, but that does change. Some people that visit our house say they can hear it, others say they can't. And there is no difference in the hum level from one end of the house to the other, it is at a constant level.

We have turned electrical things off but we still hear it. We do not notice it outside but that could be because of the outside noise in general. We do live on a well traveled street and hear all kinds of sounds when outside, but when inside we always hear the hum. The traffic and sounds in our area have not changed within the last 2 months that we can tell of when outside. And we cannot think of anything that has changed in our electrical output, etc. during the past couple of months.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Re: Humming sound in house

Check your toilets-sometimes the valve leaks and sounds like a low horn sound.

Re: Humming sound in house

D - Like Infared suggested, it could be your toilet. Ask TOH actually did a segment with Richard on how to solve it. It could also be your fridge. Was that one of the things you unplugged? Sometimes with age, or as dust collects behind it and underneath it, it runs louder, or vibrates more, or both. It can also get unbalanced, or out of level if it has been moved. I have seen all of these things happen. Good luck!

Re: Humming sound in house

I had the same experience last year. My refrigerator is older and makes some humming sounds as already mentioned by "boardstretcher." Still, this humming was different, very low and continuous, and sounded as though it was coming from the basement, somewhere around the oil furnace. I'm not one to go messing with wires, so I waited until I had the electrician come in for another longstanding project. He inspected a few cables in the vicinity of the furnace, and after that, the humming stopped! My only explanation is that in touching the cables, he may have slightly repositioned something that had been causing a vibration. (Note that he had no definite answer for me, though.....all I know is that the sound stopped.)

If the humming sound in your house doesn't stop after you follow up on the other folks' suggestions, you might want to call an electrician to check things over. In my opinion, the price of a general inspection is worth the peace of mind.

Let us know what it turns out to be!

Re: Humming sound in house

A big thanks to everyone that has responded with some great suggestions on how to figure out what the house humming is caused from! I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond. Was away for the weekend which meant I wasn't able to try all the suggestions that were posted. The suggestions gave me much to think about and I will be experimenting with all this week to try to find out what is going on. The low hum hasn't diminished any whatsoever... was hoping it would just go away while I was away but that wasn't the case. If you can think of anything else of what it might be, please post. Will keep you updated. Thanks again!

Re: Humming sound in house

First kill the biggest things, Try the main electrical panel, if that doesn't stop it, then try the main water shut-off. After you close the main water valve flush all the tanks, and give it a few minutes. If that doesn't work look for some other energy source coming into your house. Do you have Propane or Natural Gas? Once you narrow down to one of these then you can start turning individual things on and off.

Re: Humming sound in house

Everyone has given such great suggestions I feel kinda weird saying, my first thought would have been insects, like bees in the walls.

Re: Humming sound in house

First question, do you live in Taos,NM? Probably not or you would have heard about the "hum".
Once my house developed a hum that I couldn't figure out for a while. It turned out to be my whole house fan that a visiting kid had turned on by mistake. However the fan had been winterized and covered with insulation so it couldn't turn. It took me a week to figure that one out.
I wonder if a malfunctioning attic fan could be making a noise. A noise originating in the attic would be hard to pin down.
Good luck.

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