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How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

My house is 210 years old - wood lathe and plaster walls. I have a router in the living room with wi-fi. I get good reception upstairs but the signal doesn't pass through the walls to the kitchen. It is intermittent at best. Other than running ethernet cables to the kitchen (a mammoth job), what is the best way to extend the wi-fi signal. I've read about wi-fi extenders and powerline extenders, but not sure which might be best for a house like this.

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

It maybe just an issue with location. Moving the transmitter just a few feet can sometimes solve the problem. If your kitchen has a large masonry wall between the transmitter and user in the kitchen, one of them needs to move.

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

WiFi extenders needn't be very pricey. Why not just try one?

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

My choice would be a better router. http://bestreviews.com/best-wireless-routers


Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

The sand in plaster can have a blocking effect on radio signals. Lead paint also doesn't help.

I once had to troubleshoot WiFi in a fairly new home. There was an upright piano and a large mirror between the WiFi router and the rest of the home. Both the piano (the steel strings and cast iron frame) and the mirror (silvering) worked to block the WiFi signal. We eventually ended up running a wire and installing another access point.

The best solution is to wire in an access point (AP) (not a router) on the "LAN" side of your existing router using CAT5e or CAT6 cable, and place the access point somewhere in the area of your house that has poor coverage. If you get a good-quality access point (I recommend products by UniFi), you may find that you can disable the wimpy WiFi on the router; the AP might provide sufficient coverage throughout the house.

Another option is to just move your existing router to a better location. That may require extending telephone or cable lines to the new location.

WiFi extenders can improve the signal, BUT at the cost of speed. They will prevent dropouts (loss of signal) but each extender/repeater can cut the effective speed in half. If your router provides 54Mbps, when you link to a repeater you can expect about 27Mbps.

Powerline adapters can work, but the key is that they need to be on the same pole of the electrical service -- otherwise, the signal has to pass through the utility transformer and that can severely degrade it. Every home has two poles. Identifying two circuits as being on the same pole can be challenging. (I don't mean like the wood poles they hang the wires from, I mean like poles of a magnet.)

If you don't want to run new wires, then I recommend the powerline adapters and connecting another AP to that. But, like I said, it can be a challenge to get them on the right circuits.

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

Very common problem.
Just use external antenna or an ordinary signal repeater.

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

A good router + repeater combo from today's options are pretty unbeatable.

Re: How to extend wifi in a 2010 year old home

I do not recommend a repeater. Most of them will significantly degrade your connection speed with the main router, and I've had tons of problems with them over the years. Go with TP-Link if you must.

Wired is always best in every situation, so I second the UniFi recommendation, but if you can't run the cable I'd suggest something like the new Google WiFi or Eero.

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