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How Can I cover up Recessed Lighting Holes

I have mahogany T & G ceiling in my formal and casual dining rooms, the electrician installed too many recessed lights all connected to one switch. The lights really take away from the beautiful ceilings and the rooms get hot very quickly when the switch is turned on. I live in the islands so needless to say the heat from the lights is unbearable.

How can I remove some of the lights and cover up the holes?



Re: How Can I cover up Recessed Lighting Holes

Holes are tough to patch and make them "not" look like you've patched a hole. Especially in mahogany.

First, have you tried to put in a lower wattage light bulb in the socket to reduce the amount of heat and light? ... or unscrew every other bulb. Not elegant but just thought I'd ask.

OK, to patch the holes, you're not going to match the grain of the wood around it. It's just not going to happen unless you have the plugs that he cut out of the hole. I don't know how big the room is, nor how many holes you want to patch but whatever you put over the holes, you'll probably want to do it at regular intervals around the room, to look more like the design of the ceiling, rather than a patched hole.

You could pick a shape (circle, square, rectangle, etc.) and cut some pieces of mahogany in identical sized pieces. Pick a router bit that will give them an interesting molded edge and run it around each piece. Then nail them over the holes you want to cover and with equal spacing around the room or down that same wall nail the "dummy" patches up too. Finish the wood with the same finish as the rest of the ceiling.

The patches don't have to be wood. You could use any material that you like or feel good about it blending in with the rest of the ceiling. Just make it look uniform around the room so it doesn't look like you're covering up a mistake.

Once you're done, enjoy your islands.

Good Luck.

Re: How Can I cover up Recessed Lighting Holes

If you have any of the original material, or know a place to get some, you could remove and replace the boards affected by the cut outs. Due to the nature of T&G boards, you have to modify them to fit back in. This normally takes ripping the back side of the groove off and using construction adhesive( I would recommend PL) and pin nailing the face, just enough to hold it until the glue dries.

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