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Honeycombing of New Concrete Steps

Hi all,

I had new stamped concrete steps, a walkway and pad poured in November 2017.  It was so cold that he didn't seal his work.  The first mistake was that he poured the wrong colour, light grey versus Slate. Once the snow melted, I noticed holes throughout the porch and they looked terrible!  I was informed by another contractor that it was "honeycomb" effect from not vibrating the form properly.

My questions are: 

1.  Should I make him tear the entire porch out and pour again?

2.  Can this be repaired so that it is the quality of correctly poured steps?

3. What compensation is fair for such a big error, wrong colour, landing not fully done to be flush with pad and Honeycomb throughout steps. The job was $7500.  I paid him $5500 so far. I want to be fair.

He owns his mistake on the colour but has only apologized and hasn't offered to take any money of the bill.  He said he would parge the steps! I personally don't feel that is fair.  I initially wanted him to tear the entire project out and do the colour and quality I expected.  We tabled the discussion until the Spring which is now.

I appreciate any advice.





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