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David A. VanAmburg
Heating in Ceiling

My son just purchased a new home and it has heating in ceiling in this all electric home.It has a big crack in one section of ceiling about 4 or 5 foot long.He said the seller of the home told him they have fixed it several times but it continues to come back.
My question to you is what needs to happen to fix it so it won't come back?Also what precautions needs to be taken ,because of electrical wiring in ceiling that radiates the heat.In repairing this how much compound can you use in repairing crack so as not to compromise the heating effects?
I have an idea that durabond and tape needs to be used ,but it's the final coat that's in question.I don't think you can coat it several times like you would a normal joint.I do believe that the coats of compound must be very thin.Your input on this would be greatly appreciated on this and I know you wouldn't send Tom to Pennsylvania to fix it for him or would you?..........Dave

David A. VanAmburg
Re: Heating in Ceiling

All that I can tell you is it's a crawl space attic.As far as doing a continuity test I have know idea as how to do or where to start.He has been in this home just shy of a month.I do know that the crack goes off from center,which isn't a straight crack going to inside retaining wall.As for knowing if the ceiling is warm to touch when heat is radiating can't tell you.I live North of him in New York State,by Two and a half hours.
I was hoping for an easy fix with durabond,taping and a thin final coat on crack.My worry was the thin final coat,how thin so as not to compromise the heat radiating down.I'm confident that there isn't a break in wire or coating ,just think its a nuisance crack that keeps returning.I don't think when crack first appeared that it was prep properly.I do believe also that durabond which is a harder bond with taping will keep it from coming back and a good fix.What do you think if all is okay with the heating wires in ceiling.....Dave

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