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Gurgling Radon Mitigation system after heavy rains

I've had some slight water leaking into my basement since we purchased our home 2 months ago. Figured it is more then likely an outside drainage issue since the grading around the house isn't properly sloped. I've been replacing gutters and moving downspouts as i have time, but noticed this weekend after a heavy rain that our sub-slab radon ventilation system was "gurgling". I'm assumeing that it's due to water being pooled underneath the concrete floor and the systems vacum pressure is trying to suck the water up. After the rain stops and for a few hours the gurgling stops as well. Also i've noticed most of the water apearing to come through cracks in the floor instead of at the floor/wall joint as i had seen earlier....is this more likely a groundwater table issue or just possibly too much water running down the exterior foundation walls and pooling under the floor? we do have a sump, but there's never more then a few inches of water in it and it never kicks on unless i pour the water i've shop vac up down it and lift the float manually....sorry for the long post...any advice would be appreciated!

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