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Glue on plaster from paneling

I have removed paneling from walls in house just purchased. The walls were plastered and were in good condition. Kitchen had paneling glued to plaster. How do I remove glue without having to remove the plaster?

Re: Glue on plaster from paneling

This question comes up a lot. The 50's and 60's were a heyday for panelling and now people are trying to recover from it.

The glue on the plaster may be really hard to get off. Scraping will be the first thing you do. After that's done, depending on how much you get off, you might be able to soften it a little bit with lacquer thinner or mineral spirits but don't count on it too much.

If you can get it smoothed up, you could always spray a new texture on the plaster. They make a kind where you spray it on the wall and then, with a wide (12") drywall knife, you knock it down flat. It's not hard and you can rent the sprayer. Practice a little bit until you get the mixture the thickness you want and then go for it. I'd recommend two people for the job. One sprays, the other knocks down the texture.

It can look like a wet plaster wall and you can paint it to look pretty good. It won't cover all the sins of the past though so count on scraping, digging, and patching the old walls first. Get them as smooth as you can before spraying It should come out OK though.

Good Luck.

Re: Glue on plaster from paneling

Try this method.
Using a house hold type mist(spray)bottle dampen the area around the glue mist at least three to four times a day couple of hours apart than see if the glue want come off.
The plaster will suck up the water and the glue will release.
It may take 4/5 hours before the glue will release.

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