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fruit flies

i am overwhelmed by fruit flies. there is no fruit. my bananas are on the porch away from the house, and these buggers have been here for weeks. i've vacuumed them then put the vacuum outside. its beyond annoying...i have been innocent and there is no garbage in the kitchen...nothing for them to be happy about.


Re: fruit flies


I have the same problem. Try this. If you have drains in your basement that are not being used they are comming from there. You have to keep the P-traps to those drains filled with water. They can't come through if there is water in the way. Good luck.:D

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: fruit flies

they don't just hang around fruit. onions and potatoes tomatoes and other vegetables. they'll also hang around the garbage.

Re: fruit flies

There could be several areas they could be coming from. Check all these: Your drains could be dirty (try taping saran wrap over the drain overnight to see if you catch any coming from the drains), if you have a garbage disposal they could be feeding on any organic material stuck inside, check the bottom of your trash cans to make sure they are clean, check the drip pan under your refrigerator.

Fruit flies are not only attracted to fruit - they will feed and lay their eggs in almost any organic/rotten matter.

Re: fruit flies

Agree with all of the above. I found sanitizing and scrubbing out the black rubber part of the sink drain (use a good brush and scrub upwards - watch out for flying gunk!) made a huge difference and after a couple of times with bleach has finally eliminated the problem for me. Don't forget you can minimize them with good old fly paper -- at least they won't be flying around so much while you find the source!

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