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freckles on newly re-plastered ceiling

Recently had professional plasterer work on my 80 year old house. To repair cracks and provide better finish surface, as part of the repair and finishing, plasterer applied a fiberglass mesh on top of existing plaster and then added two plaster coats- mud/finish. Immediately upon completion of one room, the ceiling but not the walls showed roundish light to medium brown random patterns, these freckles range from one to 3 plus inches, most seem to have a clear center from which a brown circle radiates from. It has been a month and there has been no change in pattern. Pattern does not appear to correspond with any likely lathe nailing pattern. Some parts of the ceiling have no pattern present while others have an intense concentration of random sized freckles. One small section of a side wall has what looks like a drip of similar color but in a line pattern. Plasterer says never seen before. Manufacturer of plaster products takes a 1' sq sample (plaster through lathe)back to its lab for analysis. Other rooms (walls/ceilings) that were similarly treated have no such patterns. Oral report from the manufacturer is that something in the original lathe/plaster, when the ceiling was remoistened by this process, leeched out and the solution is two coats of stain blocking primer before painting. In sum, there was nothing wrong with the product. Plasterer said all came form the same batch. My questions are: have you had similar experience; is this the proper analysis/explanation and fix; what more if anything should I do? Thanks. Danbury

Hank Bauer
Re: freckles on newly re-plastered ceiling

The leach report is correct.
The moisture applied with the new plaster caused the dirt and color from the wood lath or other debris to cause these stains there is no problem with the plaster product or application of plaster.Reason for most stains on ceiling is caused due to dirt color or debris color laying on top of ceiling.If you are going to paint make sure you use a sealer approved for plaster before you paint.

Re: freckles on newly re-plastered ceiling

Was adequate cure time permitted before painting? The manufacturers say you can paint quite a bit sooner than common sense would dictate. I would never paint new plaster that tests above 10% moisture.

Re: freckles on newly re-plastered ceiling

Believe that I have my answer. Going to do a test sample with appropriate primer and see how that goes. Appreciate this opportunity to exchange information. Danbury :)

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