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:confused: I am helping a friend remodel his recently purchased home(circa 1903) in the Johnstown/state college area of PA. We started by gutting the house, upon gutting I noticed the frame work is nothing I recognize? The exterior walls appear to be three layers of planks, each layer going in the opposite direction? The interior walls are all 1x12 planks going from floor to ceiling? Being an advanced handyman, and working in the trades in the New England area I thought I had seen it all. My friend wants me to just start framing, I dont feel comfortable doing so, while not knowing if the house is sturdy enough to hold all the extra weight. Has anyone seen a home built like this before? PLEASE HELP!

Thank you, Tom

Re: framework

sounds like a tree fort to me.....any chance you can post a few pics of what the walls look like? i do and i don't understand how it was framed....what you said makes sense to me but i've never heard of that before.

Re: framework

ha, iit does sound like a tree-fort! Sorry I dont have any pics.
I also do not understand how it was framed, or how it is even upright? If it matters, I forgot to mention that the basement walls consist of stone, and the main support beam down the middle of the house is a huge tree trunk.


Re: framework

It is plank framing (or sometimes called box framing). The planks (and particularly the nails in top and bottom plates) hold the roof up. Take a look at this link: http://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9177

I've been looking for construction advise on plank framed houses as we are working on one (in California) that has been sliced and diced over the last 60 years. I'm not sure (at this point) how the roof is staying up! Can you share how you have worked with this framing?

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