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extending downspout, bury below freeze line or deicing cable?

I need to extend my downspouts to take water away from the house.
The problem is the frost line is 48inches down here and that's going to take a long time to dig with a shovel.
Could I just bury the pipe 6-12 inches under and then put a de-icing cable inside it for the winter?

What's the best way to do this? I saw a post on TOH but it advocates extending the gutter along the house underground - that won't work as it will freeze at exit and clog up the pipe.
I also saw a drywell option but I suspect that may also freeze.
The gutters have deicing cable in winter so melt water needs to go somewhere.
ANy options?


Re: extending downspout, bury below freeze line or deicing cable?

Liking that snow rail brutha. that puppy is awesome.

do you have to have a gutter?

actually surprised its still attached to the building given the size of that snow rail, guess its doing its job and well at that.

Digging a ditch would certainly be terrible but it works.

Just thinking outside the box here but, could you use PVC for the down spout and run it below the house to the other side maybe where the water sheds better away from the foundation and building a chase around the down spout up to the gutter so warmth from the house could keep it from freezing.

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