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Electrolux Appliances

Hello: does anyone have any experience with Electrolux appliances?

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I don't.

But I suscribe to a number on consumer product rating magazines.

Are you interested in a particular product made by Electrolux??

Electrolux is a worldwide conglomerate that is most widely known as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

But they also make refrigerators, cooktops, electric & gas stoves, gas grilles, etc.

They have acquired Kelvinator & other brands over the years.

To get a corporate background and their range of products, Google "electrolux"

To get a product report by customers who have bought an Electrolux prouct, go to Epinions below.

Also Google "product reviews", or "product reviews""vacuum cleaners" to get other internet sites that have customer reviews of consumer products.

Consumer Reports is available at most libraries.

At Epinions, enter into their search box such quoted phrases as "electrolux vacuum cleaner", "electrolux refrigerator", "electrolux range", etc.

The only POSITIVE reviews I could find was for their cannister vacuum cleaner, and a high end commercial stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator.

There was also a positive review for one of their outdoor gas barbecue grilles.



Re: Electrolux Appliances

You and I might and not even realize we have Electrolux experience!

Check this out....

Re: Electrolux Appliances

hi...i have been researching these appliances also....they are being touted as very good...although feedback is limited due to the newness of them...however, they have been extremely well thought of in europe for a long time....
from what i understand, the electrolux appliances are selling very well...

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I bought a side by side Electrolux last May from Lowe's. About 6 months later it began making clicking noises in the ice maker. We are now on our 2nd new ice maker (3) including original. Still clicking. Service people can't fix it. Lowe's doesn't know what to do. We're waiting to see how Lowe's and Electrolux will solve this. The ice maker Electrolux uses is the cheapest one you can imagine when compared to the price of the this unit $2200.00. Check their dishwashers out. They are not put together very well for $1200.00 and can actually rust your dishes. I would not recommend them for the money.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

We have a Frigidaire Top-Freezer refrigerator. It is made by Electrolux (you find this out after you buy it when you get all the solicitations for extended warranties). It's been two years with no problems for a basic, $500 refrigerator with icemaker that does the job.

It replaced a Maytag side-by-side in which the "motherboard" had burned out. We decided not to buy any more refrigerators with motherboards in them if we could avoid it.

So, we are satisfied.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

We just bought the top of the line electric range


Unfortunately, it's in the living room right now. We're redoing the kitchen and so we haven't even had the chance to use it once. Anxious to try the "perfect turkey" feature though. Hopefully it's everything it's cracked up to be.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I guess I have not yet experienced the Appliance but I have visited to their site and it looks like the appliance brand could give a nice impression on appliances..

Refrigerator water filters

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I have an Electrolux Icon side by side refrigerator and an Electrolux Icon dishwasher. In general I am pleased with the appliances. The only problem we have had with the refrigerator is the water filter. The first one lasted a year before it started leaking. The second one about 6 months, and the third one only lasted a few months. We are waiting for a service call to look into it. At $40 a filter they should last longer than a few months in a household of 2 people.

The dishwasher is quiet and stylish however we have had a problem since the beginning with odors after about 4-5 days of not running it. We rinse the dishes before they are placed inside so there is no garbage. We thought the problem was with the install and had it looked at twice. They installed more drain tubing to make a larger loop, but the problem persists. We are frustrated with the problem, but can't say if it is the appliance or the install.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I have a Kenmore slide-in induction range that's built by Electrolux. The range was assembled in Canada. I had to remove the control panel to re-connect the ribbon cable that connects the controller to the oven sensors. After that the error code stopped randomly appearing on the display. Other than that, it has been fine. It's built like a tank (and is about as heavy as one).

The only, Only, ONLY thing I don't like about the range...actually, I despise it, is the searing blue LED clock. It illuminates my entire kitchen in the evening, and every time a number changes, it catches your attention out the corner of your eye. The power-level indicators are also blue (meh), but there are other display portions that are red or orange. Due to the design, you can't even open the clock to place something over it to darken or conceal it.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

Please listen to me and never buy Electrolux Appliances. Remodeled our kitchen in April and May, We installed a new Electrolux Refridge/Electric stove/dishwasher/mwave. So far the Refidge is the 3rd one. First one the ice maker died and the water dispenser stopped working. Then the led lights on the display started dieing. The control stops to restrict the french doors never worked. The service man was out three times and after multiple trips basicly gave up trying to fix it ( I think since he could not) So he called the place we bought the unit and they sent us a new one. That one came with a dent in the door, now we have the third one which the:mad: water dispenser is less sensitive and my wife states is on its way out. Over the weekend the oven went into SF mode and refused to work. I called however the Electrolux help line is closed over the weekend so I am cooking my 1 year olds food on my gas grill outside. The Dishwasher leaves the powder in the dispenser so we gave up on that and just put the powder on the door so it works. Th mwave works well, of course the least expensive unit. Big investment and a even bigger disappointment. I may be forced to buy extnded service agreements out of fear!


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