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dumb question about watching episodes ******...

I am so sorry if this is a dumb question - we sat down the other day to watch some of the Belmont Victorian episodes, and it seemed to me that to get to Episode 1, I had to start at Episode 15 which is currently the newest episode, and page back episode by episode till I got to #1, so 14 separate clicks. This can't be right - isn't there a page with a list of episodes for the house and I can start at #1? Currently to watch, you pick a house and it starts right up with the most current episode, but that's not where we are.

We watched three episodes, which means that next time we want to watch, starting at #4, we have to open up at Episode 15 and page forward about 11 times to get to episode 4. As long as we're in the same sitting/watching session, we can just page back one to get to the next episode, but once you get up and walk away you're kind of stuck.

Have I failed to locate the page or list where it's easier to do this?


A. Spruce
Re: dumb question about watching episodes ******...
A. Spruce

Use an external search engine to search the site where the videos are located, this is done by typing "site:", entering the url you wish to search, entering the name of the show/video series, and the season/episode.


Google Search = Site: toh.com this old house s01e01

The easiest thing to do will be to use episode 15 for some defining characteristics for your search, once you've found it, you can then modify your search parameters to get to the exact episode you want. To be clear here, you're not looking for a specific URL address, you are looking for the description of the video series so that you can find any video within that series. What's the difference? an address is a series of numbers and letters that only the computer recognizes as a location, the description is what YOU understand and can extrapolate to find what you are looking for. IMDB may be of assistance to figure out what season and episode you're looking for, if this info is not readily available where you're already viewing the vids.

For what it's worth, this information will work for any site and any content.

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