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Little problem with my dishwasher. It is i believe around 7 years old, however, its only been run 3-4 times, reason why will be out shortly. About 2 years ago, a roommate ran it with cold water, hot water was off at the time, fixed though, anyway, from there on when i turn it on i can hear it humming, not sure if its working, but the real thing is, i get no water inside, none at all, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

Re: Dishwasher.

First thing to check --- is there water supply to the dishwasher?

Typically there would be a "T" on the hotwater line for the sink faucet. There should be a shutoff valve connected to the "T" with the water supply line or hose from the dishwasher attached to the shutoff --- make sure the shutoff valve is opened.

If it is open ---close the valve ---- disconnect the supply line to the dishwasher from the shutoff valve --- with a container held up to the disconnected end of the valve --- slowly open the valve to see if any water flows out.
No water flow would indicate there is either some debris plugging up the valve or a faulty shutoff valve.

Water flows indicates either the supply line is plugged or the problem is in the dishwasher. Reconnect the supply line to the shutoff valve and disconnect that supply line at the dishwasher ---- open the shutoff and if water flows then the problem is in the dishwasher.

Problems in the dishwasher could either be the water inlet valve or the float switch.

The water inlet valve lets water into the dishwasher --- if it's defective it needs to be replaced.

The float switch is a small electrical switch that's located right below the dishwasher "floor." Above the switch, on the inside of the dishwasher, is a plastic cylinder that floats up as water fills the dishwasher. If this switch is defective, or if the plastic float gets caught or trapped in the raised position, the water can't enter the dishwasher. If the float switch is defective, you need to replace it.

This is assuming a built in dishwasher --- a portable unit will be similar but without the shutoff valve and easier to access things.

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