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Concealed Receptacle Floor Box with Flush Cover

I just took out the carpet and installed hardwood in the two rooms to be used as home office. Since I will have gadgets, printers, computers I need an electrical outlet on the floor and not cable/wire across the floor. Plus in one of the room I have not decided on where to place the office desk, I will have two floor electrical sockets. The one not being used will have a flush wood cover than a metal cover sticking up on the floor.

#1. Initial idea - a cover made with the same hardwood on the floor, that sits flush to floor over the socket when not used.
#2. Another idea that I LOVE to have (I have jpgs to show what I am thinking of) - 
a) Socket nails to joist side way, that can be reached to from the floor opening, to be able to plug in a power strip. 
b) A cover with two 2" openings that sits flush to the floor to cover the opening, and allow gadgets' wiring to come out.
*If my #2 idea cannot be done, please recommend a work around so I can have a power strip hidden and not sit on the floor
**Where can I find this (find.jpg photo)? 

Image icon Download no.1.jpg (11.54 KB), Image icon Download no.2-1a.jpg (157.12 KB), Image icon Download no.2-2a.jpg (71.14 KB), Image icon Download no.2b.jpg (73.6 KB), Image icon Download find.jpg (53.06 KB)
Re: Concealed Receptacle Floor Box with Flush Cover


You may use any of the ways to have an outlet in the floor. I would suggest not ever using a plastic box. We have an old Victorian house, and most every outlet we have in the living areas are in the floor. I also installed an outlet in the middle of the room in each of the rooms on the first floor so that we could plug in things like a Christmas tree, or candle lights on the dining table, etc...

Everything must be readily accessible. Not sure why you would want to use a power strip, when you can must easier use a 2, 3 or 4 gang box. places like behind the tv, I installed a 3 gang box. We used antique solid brass covers, and 3 gang was the largest cover available. Again, no plastic boxes. You need steel boxes, they are strong enough to walk on. We use the water proof and chaild resistant devices. This way any small amout of liquid that may be on the floor, will not bother the outlet. we do not have children, but the child resistant devices will only allow all three prongs to be inserted at the same time. We use the plastic child proof inserts in the devices to keep the dust out of the openings. Makes cleaning them very easy.

You can find most floor boxes at any quality electrical supply house. But only a metal box is required.


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