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Complete Restoration Of 1860 Home Turned Nightmare

I just need some general advice on what I need to do to get started on repairing a very old home. I have already had to have the support structure under the house replaced because the back porch almost fell completely off.:eek: Then I noticed the coal fireplaces were bricked up with the coal left in them!:mad: I have bricks made of ? and morter made of ? that is crumbling all over the place. OK! I know, one thing at a time!:o Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!!!

Re: Complete Restoration Of 1860 Home Turned Nightmare

I will direct my attention to your brick/mortar and plaster. The original mortar is a lime and sand mixture. your bricks are most likely a soft fired brick, don't use modern mortar on them. It sounds like your house has a case of deferred maintenance. A case of leave it for the next guy. I would suggest that you be aware that many items manufactured today are not designed for historic houses, they are designed for modern houses. It makes a big difference. Well good luck when you are done it will be wonderful.

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