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Chimney Sweating / Leak

Currently struggling through identifying the issue with a sweating / leaking chimeny. My husband and I purchased a house that was originally built in 1905. Over the the last year or so, we've completed substantial renovations (including to the HVAC systems). We removed the old steam boiler that used to vent through the chimney, and replaced the water heater with a direct vent (which now discharges out the side of the house). So there is no longer anything venting through the chimney.

The house is two stories, plus an attic and a basement. There is no water damage around the chimney at the first floor, however at the second floor, we've been dealing with water damage (both seeping through the chimney, and at the seams near the ceiling). In an attempt to address the problem, we've had the chimney removed at the roof (there is still about 3 ft left above the roof). They repaired and repointed that portion, capped the chimney, and replaced the flashing. They've inspected the slate, which they claimed was still in decent shape, and even repaired a few of those shingles hoping to address the issue. STILL, we're getting the same leakage at the second floor (but nothing at the attic level?)

With all the years the chimney was used for venting the boiler, could relining potentially solve this issue (even if there isn't anything being vented through there now?) My gut was starting to tell me that maybe it has something to do with our yankee gutters, but the roofer said they couldn't be causing the issue due to their location in proximity to where the water damage is occuring. He's now suggesting to take down the remainder of the chimney, and patch the roof.

Any thoughts are appreciated--- I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what's going on here. I've attached an arial photo for reference (prior to chimney removal and repairs).



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