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Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

I'm a newbie. Found a hole in my sewer pipe. It has been patched with a piece of rubber and two clamps. How hard is it repair the hole myself with pvc? Better to repair with iron pipe? Do I dare?

Would it be expensive to hire someone? I live in Dallas/Fort Worth if that matters.


Re: Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

You should repair cast iron with cast iron. Cast iron sandwiches with pvc as the meat are frowned upon. You would need two shielded clamps (rubber couplings wrapped in thin metal) the size that you are repairing. I prefer clamps with 4 bands as opposed to two. You will also need some no-hub cast iron pipe. Supporting the pipe above and below or on both sides is most important as cast is extremely heavy. Cut out an 8" section or so with a sawzall with blades for metal (you'll go through several) unless you have access to a cast iron snapper. Cut your replacement piece (a little shier won't hurt and will help,3/8"), place clamps and fold rubber onto itself, insert piece, unfold rubber, slide on shields, tighten. Maybe $250-$300 for plumber, that's in the Northeast though.


Re: Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Plumbers are cheap in Dallas these days from what I hear.

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