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Building a Greenhouse

So I decided about two months ago that I would build my loving wife a greenhouse for her birthday. We live in Phoenix, AZ and she wants a place to grow orchids, spices and anything else that comes to her mind. I've spent the time researching and pricing and planning, all under her noes. Now the time is here to build and I'm confused on one item: the base.

I want to make the base 10' x 10' and use brick pavers for the floor. My plan is to create the 10x10 paver floor and use 4"x4" or 6"x6" pressure treated wood to outline the floor and build the frame on. My problem is making sure the brick floor is solid and done right. I feel very comfortable with the framing (I worked as a framer for a little over a year) and all the other work to make it a functioning greenhouse.

If you can help I will be in your debt!

Re: Building a Greenhouse

I like the idea of a 6x6 perimeter frame; half-lap the corners and spike together. Sit the perimeter of good gravel fill for a foundation. I don't know about your climate, but I'm on the east coast, and I'd put in a floor drain; in your situation, excess water could evaporate on contact with the brick, being as dry as AZ is reputed to be.
I'd think that a compacted stone dust base would be fine.
You may want vents at the base and at the peak, and some shade cloth to avoid the solar kiln effect. In the winter you could if needed, bank the foundation with straw bales and tarps to keep the floor as warm as possible for as long as possible.
I had a greenhouse at my disposal for a couple of years; it's such a great tool to have you won't know how you managed w/o one, and if you lose it (as I did when I moved) you'll miss it.

Re: Building a Greenhouse

Congrats on building your greenhouse! I assume you've already finished the flooring but for the sake of others, a paver floor is fine for the walkway but not for under the benches. Using a good, 4 to 6 inch layer of pea gravel is best for holding humidity.

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