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Blown in insulation in walls, Questions.

I have a much older home (late 1700s), and of course I have ZERO insulation on the outside walls. I want to blow insulation in and have a few questions.

First, I do not have sheathing, my clapboard is nail directly to the studs, will this effect the blown in insulation since there isn't a vapor barrier? I want to make sure there won't be a moisture issue.
Second, what's the best blown in product? Names and where I could find it would be great!

Thank you so much!!!!

Re: Blown in insulation in walls, Questions.

Can blow insulation without have mositure problems and taking down sheetrock thanks

[email protected]..
Re: Blown in insulation in walls, Questions.

What is the inside wall material? If there were going to be moisture problems you'd likely see the condensation on the walls by now. Ideally you'd take down the interior wall, insulate, install a vapor barrier and then put up the inside cladding again. Since this would be a horrible pain and ruin the existing walls I'd just go with blown in insulation which is going to require the least amount of patching.

For the clapboard, you will have an issue if you ever need to replace the clapboard as the insulation will just come tumbling out. An option would be to carefully remove the clapboard, put in batt insulation, foam board and/or sheathing, and then reattached the clapboard.

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