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Black sooty particles in my water!

I am having black sooty (carbon-based)particles in water. Only coming from sink&tub faucets, not toilets or washing machine.My
plumbing is polybutylene. Electric water heater is only about 4 yrs old. Bypassed water heater and still see black particles but
it could just be in the pipes(?)for awhile.Cannot find any black hoses that could be deteriorating.Can flush out lines but then it seems to build back up again.I live in townhouse, the only ones having this problem is me and the person connected to me.
One coincidence is that we both had the same water heater from Lowe's installed on the same day. I find info on the internet but
no solutions.No plumbers in my area have ever heard of this before and offer no suggestions. Can anyone give me any advice on this matter? I'm sure someone out there has found a solution to this problem.
Thank you! TCar

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