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beetle damage to 1886 Victorian

Just made an offer on an 1886 victorian in northern california, and the listing agent has a pest inspection from earlier this year, which apparently says that there's powderpost beetle damage that will be $20,000 to fix. I haven't had the report in my hands yet, but I'm wondering if anyone on here has had experience with beetle damage to their old house foundation? I looked at another house, a 1910 craftsman, that also had powderpost beetle damage, but repairs were estimated at only $6500. Is this a cost I'd have to pay right away, like in the next few years, or something I may be able to put off??

The house is local redwood construction, wooden post/pier foundation with some cement under the posts. Anyways, it seems to me that $20,000 is a lot for beetle damage, when I compare it to the other house I looked at. They're about the same square footage, 1400. This makes me worry that the damage is deeper and more immediately threatening... Any thoughts?

Re: beetle damage to 1886 Victorian

Woops! OK, that $20,000 amount was misheard over a bad connection, I guess. It is actually only $2000, which seems much more reasonable. Not sure why, but apparently all the houses around here have a little beetle damage. Termites seem to be more rare.

Re: beetle damage to 1886 Victorian

As far know powder post beetles only attack Oak. Which may be the post/pier foundation.


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