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Awful bathtub!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I'm hoping to get some advice. My husband and I just moved into a new apartment in an old Victorian home. Generally, the apartment is beautiful, except for one room: the bathroom. The bathtub is absolutely disgusting! It's discolored and pretty off-putting. What's worse is that one of the previous tenants painted the INSIDE of the bathtub! It flakes off and makes it so hard to clean because I really can't tell what's dirt and what's paint.

The landlord doesn't seem too keen on doing anything about it, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me. I have covered the bottom of the tub with some bath mats, but I really enjoy taking baths and the paint sometimes flakes off in the tub (gross!). I should also mention that my husband and I really aren't very handy at all. We're quite young and just starting out, so if you have any ideas please try to explain them clearly (like you were writing a "for dummies" book because, honestly, that's who you're dealing with here!).

Thanks in advance!


Re: Awful bathtub!

Welcome aboard.

You really have 2 options, but they depend on how long you intend to stay there:

1. Re-glaze (please note that not all tubs can be re-glazed). There will be an additional charge for cleaning the old paint off. Re-glazing job is good for a few years.

2. Replace the tub. Call your landlord and try to get him to participate 50-50 in the cost of a new enamel over steel tub, or better yet, ask him to pay for the installation, if you bought the tub. Explain to him that it will 'improve' HIS property.

I'm a landlord, and when I face a thing like this, I replace the tub in no time. A satisfied and appreciative tenant is more important to me than a bathroom tub.

A. Spruce
Re: Awful bathtub!

I agree with DJ,

Whatever you decide, you will need the blessings of the landlord to repair/improve HIS property. Best case scenario is that he will pay for the repair if you do the leg work. Worst case scenario is that he won't allow anything to be done.

Worst case scenario is, you either live with the bad tub or find a new place to live. I am always leery of a landlord that wants to maintain a sub-par property and expect tenants to live in it.

Assuming you get the ok, the cheapest route will be having it reglazed. I would recommend that you do as much of the prep as possible which will keep the price down and result in a better job. You can sc****/remove the majority of the paint and perimeter caulking, and clean any other dirt, mold, debris out that you can find. That will leave only surface prep to the Applicator, who generally tend to overlook details such as I've listed. Once it's done, you recaulk and then you have a beautiful tub to enjoy.

Keep in mind that your bathtub will be out of commission for about a week for this process, so plan ahead in regards to alternate means of bathing. A rough timeline would be one day for you to strip the paint and caulk, one day for the new enamel application, one day for the enamel to cure, then you recaulk and it will be up to three days for the caulk to fully cure. Once you remove the existing caulk, you can no longer use the tub.

Re: Awful bathtub!

Try filling the tub with HOT water then add oxyclean. Then try scraping all the old paint off with a vinyl tools like the ones used for bondo....... The paint should come off...if its paint. The try cleaning the tub with oxyclean and a Mr Clean Magic eraser.....

I use oxyclean and Magic Erasers to clean the brake dust off my truck rims.......Its the only thing that takes the dust off easy.....Not sure whats in the erasers but it works great...

Its worth a try if your landlord wont help out.........



Re: Awful bathtub!

Paint and varnish remover would also be a product to remove the paint.
Of course another option would be Bath Fitters. I have never used them so I can't give first hand assessment of their products. Whether your land lord would pay for it or not is another story.


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