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Attic Insulation is massive confusion

We live in the High Mojave Desert in a big, 2000ft, meditteranean style home with many elevation changes, bump outs, indents, soffits, etc. Over 20 yrs we have grumbled about drafts, excessive cold, excessive heat radiating from the ceilings. We have sealed or repaired what we could find. No one has spent time in the attic other than cable guys.

I finally went up yesterday, fully protected and spent several hours attempting to move around and understand how the insulation was put down, looked for air leaks & leaks from the heating/ac insulated tubing.

I didn't get far but did caulk around various light, fan and ventilation that I could find. The insulation is not laid out neatly at all. It is supposed to be R30 and it does look pretty hefty so suspect it likely is. I expected to see bats laid out w/the joists visible but there is nothing neat or orderly. It appears that bats were unrolled to a point and then poked at attempting to get it in place. It looks more like a yellow feather comforter has been laid down. There is also a thick layer of dust covering everything. I was wearing an N95 mask but still ended up coughing,& sneezing.

Can someone tell me if doing the attic inspection can be done by me with a list of tips, rules, etc or is this a professional only job. I was surprised that the attic was a comfortable temp, not cold, not hot and not at all drafty but we clearly have cold & hot areas especially our back wall that I can't find a way to get to. We also have cement tile roofing over plywood. Thank you for guidance to any info, personal or professional advice.

Re: Attic Insulation is massive confusion

yep --- I agree with jkirk.

With an audit they would evaluate what's existing and suggest improvements.
The neat thing is when they walk around with the infra-red camera which shows all the weak points of your home.

Re: Attic Insulation is massive confusion

Thank you both for your info. I always wondered how the cable and satellite guys scrambled around up there running various cables. I have to assume these guys have just slid down and climbed back up on the batts and could because the batts are so thick.

I was planning on renting a camera on my own. Frankly we know there are issues with this house. The subdivision sued the builder and won. I volunteered my home as the investigative destruction home (I was one furious homeowner). Our law firm did not want to discuss the details except to say the home was safe because they didn't want us to have the burden of knowing and ultimately having to disclose upon selling. Something homeowners should consider when getting down to the bare bones of their homes.

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