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We live in the East Bay of the San Francisco area, and like every other homeowner out here, we have ants. Any advice for getting these guys to move out?

Traditional traps and such don't seem to be working.


Re: Ants!!!

It depends what type of ants it is.

If they are fairly large, black ants that come out mainly in the late afternoon and at night they are carpenter ants. If they are around only during the hot season they might simply come from the garden. But if they are around early in the good season they might have nested in the house, usually in rotten wood. In that case you do have to find the nest, eliminate it, and replace the rotten material. Often easier to say than to do, unfortunately!

If it is a different type of ants the problem is usually less serious.

Good luck!

Re: Ants!!!

There are lots of web sites out there that will help you live gracefully with your ants; in other words, organic pesticides to keep them in their place. Even if they are carpenter ants you can use borax compounds to kill them and the fungus rotting your wood. Personally myself, I would treat the wood first because the ants actually take the borax back to the nest. This method is legal in California too. Check out web sites for Borax.
I also had an exterminator tell me that if I let the yard ant colonies get too large big red ants would move in. I'm in NE but believe me I keep the ants nicely contained now by keeping healthy soil around my house and letting all bugs live and die together. They do a good job on each other too.
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Re: Ants!!!


I agree that you have to block all holes of your house. But if the problem it not solve yet than why don't you buy some anti ant products from any market near by your house. I think it will help you a lot

Best of Luck for your work.


Re: Ants!!!

We have an older home (1900s) and blocking all the holes isn't possible.... every time we follow them back to one hole and seal it they find a new one (ant whack-a-mole) until they come up through a place you can't seal :/ You need to identify the species and find a bait that attracts them. We try to put some out early in the warm season.
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Re: Ants!!!

From your post, it sounds like you have moved into the ants territory. I think you should contact a reputable, environmentally sensitive pest control company. These guys have access to information and supplies that you may not be able to get hold of or may not be economically reasonable to get the equipment needed. Sodium Borate solutions probably will solve your problem, but in a fully built house, you need special foaming equipment to do any good. In the end, it could be less expensive than you might expect.

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