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Advice: Leveling Uneven Walls to hang Shelves

Good day,

Thank you in advance for any advice that can be given. I've been looking for the best solution to hang shelving on my basement wall to add storage space to my sewing room. Originally, I wanted to hang wall cabinets but decided not to because the studs are placed 24" apart. I thought about tearing the drywall out and properly installing studs. However, I am a novice DIYer and that was too ambitious. So, I chose to use Rubbermaid's Fast Track bracket system, as the shelves can be adjusted. After doing some research and space measurements, I chose the 72" shelves. For proper support, the brackets should be placed every 16". Given the placement of the studs, and where I want to position the shelf, every bracket will be placed on drywall. I don't want the shelves falling down on my sewing machines, so I used 80lb drywall anchors for added support. So here comes the dilemma, my walls are not even. Imagine if you will, the shelves are being hung immediately at the joining right corner of the wall to 72" out. And it is in that right corner where my walls are not level. As an aside, this is the only wall thats long enough and only place without obstruction. The wall dips in gradually from 1/4" to 3/4" for about 20", with the greatest dip occurring in the first 6" from the corner. I used shims, and 3" screws to level the brackets and screw them into the wall. But now, I am concerned if this will be enough support, or if I should do something different to fix the uneven level in my walls. I really need wall shelving, so I am desperate to make this or some other shelving alternative work. In the advice to be given, would it be okay to use shims to fill in a 3/4" gap, or should I start watching videos to build a built in? 

Re: Advice: Leveling Uneven Walls to hang Shelves

I'm having trouble linking the products I purchased from Home Depot. I want to clarify I am using the twin track upright by Rubbermaid.

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