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80 or 90 plus

Lookin to replace my old furnace. The house is 33 years old. What furnace should I replace it with a 80 or 90 plus?

Re: 80 or 90 plus

From what I have seen I personally would go with the 80 even though fuel costs are up. The 90 is more expensive initially, maintenance costs are much higher, and maintenance is required more often. I believe the extra costs far outweigh the savings in fuel cost. Just my personal opinion. I will note I am not an HVAC guy.

Re: 80 or 90 plus


I agree with McDaniel, but could you provide more info as to exactly what type of system you have in mind.

Some people refer to a hot water heating system as a "furnace", when they actually mean to say a BOILER--a boiler supplies piped hot water to room radiators, baseboard or underfloor radiant heating pipes.

A "furnace" thus specifically refers to a forced hot air heating system that supplies hot air to a duct system and hot air registers in the rooms.

Could you also advise if you now use oil or natural gas, or propane as a fuel & your general location.

Please post back.

Re: 80 or 90 plus

I live in Mentor, OH and use natural gas. The old furnace is a 175000 btu Rheem that supplies forced hot air to a duct system . The house is 2800 sq ft colonial. I have been quoted a 125000 btu Ducane furnace to replace the old one. Thank you very much for all your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Re: 80 or 90 plus

i like the 90 plus. they are much more reliable now and pretty cheap to buy. plus, venting is easier.


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