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Kevin’s Photo Album | Working with the Community

Many local volunteers showed up to help on the Detroit project, and “it was the highlight of this project, working with these people,” says Kevin. Meet some of them in Kevin’s tenth photo album.

Josh Engle

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Josh Engle was one of the many people knocking on the Polks’ door during construction, eager to help out. “We had local craftspeople in the area showing up saying they wanted to help, and that they wanted the story of revitalizing Detroit to be represented well,” Kevin says. The TOH crew quickly welcomed the locals, who provided expertise in the restoration of the Polks’ home. Engle was the general contractor for the project.

You can read more about him and other Detroit superstars here and see Josh talk more about the project in our web series.

Mike Thompson

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

When Kevin stepped off the plane in Detroit one day, he had a missed call and voicemail from Mike Thompson. Mike is a sod farmer who wanted to help with the Detroit house. He joined the project, donating and installing sod and arranging for plant donations. “Mike’s a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy,” Kevin says. “He’s talented and busy, but carved time out for TOH and Detroit.”

Tom Clemmons

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Frank and Tamiko’s friend Tom Clemmons offered to help during the demolition process (and is also supporting the city with that Tigers logo on his hard hat).

Ann Baxter

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Ann Baxter is a glass artist in Detroit who restored the leaded glass windows and the stained-glass crests in the Polks’ home. “She’s a hero,” Kevin says. “The pinnacle of craftsmanship during this restoration.”

Agustin Crookston

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

For more than 10 years, Agustin Crookston has driven miles and miles with his unwieldy handmade gutter equipment to TOH TV sites. The Detroit house is a relatively quick drive from his Classic Gutters headquarters in Galesburg, Michigan, so helping again was a no-brainer.

Many Others

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

The Rehabbed & Ready project in Detroit saw many volunteers who helped make the renovation possible in only 90 days. Read more about that project, and stay up-to-date on both Detroit houses on TOH TV! Check your local listings.

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