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Kevin’s Photo Album | Restoring the Windows

In Kevin O’Connor’s fifth Detroit photo album, we get an up-close view of the windows, leaded glass treasures with stained glass crests.

Stars of the Show

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

“The windows are the stars of this show,” Kevin says. “They’re the labor of love here, really the key feature.”

The first-floor bay window was likely chosen by the original homeowners from a menu of additional home “features.” The leaded glass windows and stained glass crests will be restored and refitted into new frames and jambs (with no rotting wood!).

Effects of Water Damage

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Water damage from the once-upon-a-time tulip-bed parapet roof is apparent in the window frame and the surrounding walls. It destroyed plaster and rotted the wood, making an inviting home for insects.

Stained Glass Crest

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

This stained-glass crest, found at the top of the bay window, is also present in other windows throughout the home. It’s so prevalent in the home, in fact, the Polks joked about making it their new family crest.

Tom Silva Repairs the Windows

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Tom isn’t the only person to work on the windows, Kevin says, but he does devote a lot of his time to them. “He’s still at it, after years and years of work,” Kevin says.

Room with a View

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

With the windows out and off for restoration, homeowner Tamiko Polk has a clear view of her new front yard.

Replacing the Frames

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

“Sometimes it’s best to start fresh,” Kevin says. Here, Tom is replacing the window frames with new wood.

Cleaning and Reconstructing

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

The panels will be restored so that bright light can once again flood into the living room. The old glazing will be cleaned out so the individual panels can be removed, and then the leaded panels will all be reconstructed, Kevin says.

The Local Expert

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Ann Baxter has been working with glass for more than 30 years. She stays busy in Detroit, but was happy to spend time restoring the windows in the Polks' new home.

Restored and Ready

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Homeowner Tamiko Polk and glass artist Ann Baxter hold the metal frame surrounding the stained-glass crest for the window. It was re-glazed, the lead was repaired, and the glass cleaned. Now it’s ready to be reset into the window frame.

Final Inspection

Photo by Kevin O'Connor

Here, Tom Silva is completing the final inspection right before reinstalling these windows. To see more of the star feature of this house, tune in to TOH TV! Check your local listings for new episodes and watch episode 20, where the TOH TV crew repairs the windows.

Don't forget to check in weekly for new photo galleries from TOH TV host Kevin O'Connor! In the meantime, check out his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more photography. He can be found at @kevinoconnorTOH.