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Charleston Single House | 360-degree Interactive Tour

Explore the project house from every angle with our virtual tour that takes you through every room with details you've never seen before.

This 1840s brick house is the first of two historic homes in Charleston, South Carolina, that the This Old House TV crew is helping to renovate and restore. The Single House is a vernacular form that's unique to Charleston, and balancing the needs of a modern family of four while maintaining the house's architectural integrity was important to the project's success. Making the separate kitchen house part of the main house was a key element of the renovation. Another major priority? Preserving the house's original hardwood flooring, brick, and plaster. Along the way, the TOH TV crew met local tradesmen, as well as students from the American College of the Building Arts, who lent their skills to create one-of-a-kind furnishings for the home.