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Season 26 - The Carlisle House

This Old House purchased an 1849 Greek Revival farmhouse in a pastoral suburb of Boston to give it the update it desperately needs, then hands it off to new owners.

Carlisle house exterior shot.

Foundation on a Flatbed

The new foundation at the Carlisle Project won't be arriving in a cement mixer. It will show up on a truck, be installed in less than a day, and stay weather-tight for decades.

3 Ways to Reduce Road Noise in Your Backyard

Here’s our best noise reduction tips to help you block out the sounds of busy street traffic and your neighbor’s lawn mower.

Carlisle | Polyurethane Moldings and Millwork

Kevin meets millwork specialist Mark White at his showroom that specializes in high-density polyurethane trim

One Small, Happy Family

How do you plan the perfect living space for people you haven't met?


Tom Silva's team gives a whole new meaning to the expression "raising a barn."

Expect the Unexpected

A septic tank turns up in a surprising spot, which may mean a bit more digging than we'd planned on.

Walls (and Roof) That Won't Come Tumbling Down

The new construction at Carlisle consists of foam-core panels that are strong enough to stay put for a century, and solid enough to keep the fuel bills low.

Structural Insulated Panels at Carlisle

These foam-core panels at Carlisle will stand for a century and keep heating costs down

Interior Design Plans at Carlisle

In Carlisle, we put our newest crew member to the test with a design assignment that was a bit unusual—even for us

3 Different Designers Tackle Rooms at Carlisle

How three different designers put their stamp on the Carlisle project house

Finishing Up at Carlisle

Tom Silva's long—make that very long—list of finishing tasks

The Carlisle House: 21 Need-to-Know Lessons

A celebration of This Old House's 25th-anniversary remodel—from start to spectacular show-house finish—with more than a score of important lessons for every homeowner


S26 E26: A Farmhouse for the Next 100 Years


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S26 E24: Designer Show House


S26 E23: All the Comforts of Home