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Build It | 3D Cube Cutting Board

Using hardwoods of strikingly different colors, This Old House contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’ Connor team up to create a cutting board with an eye-catching 3D effect. See how to make one yourself with the instructions below.

Choosing a Cordless Drill

What to look for in a cordless drill or driver whether you’re buying your first one or upgrading to a model with more power.

Tips for How to Caulk

While a common maintenance task, caulking takes some skill and an understanding of which type to use. Read on to learn how to use a caulk gun, how to remove caulk and the best tools to assist application and removal.

How to Fix a Slow Draining Tub

A slow-draining tub is a common problem, and an irritating one, too. Nobody wants to stand in a deepening pool of murky water while taking a shower. Read our guide to fixing a clogged tub.

How to Improve Bathroom Ventilation Problems

What happens when a building’s design makes it difficult or impossible to vent a bath fan to the exterior? Read this guide for tips on how to improve ventilation issues in your bathroom, especially if your home’s design makes it difficult to install proper ventilation.

How to Choose the Right Hanging Hardware

Whether you’re hanging a heavy picture or mirror, you can attach anything to drywall if you use the right fastener.

How to Hang Kitchen Cabinets

The right way to put up cabinets with tight joints, flush frames, and perfectly aligned doors

The Real Thing

Confused about wood flooring and which type works best? We've got answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Choosing the Proper Fastener

Can't find a wall stud when hanging a picture or a shelf? You can attach anything to hollow walls if you use the right fastener

How to Change a Shower Head & More

Replacing your old shower head is one of the easiest home repairs you'll ever do. Select and install a new one that conserves water and invigorates you.