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S43 E38, Tom Silva installs pantry cabinets

S43 E38: Pantry Problems

The crew discusses pocket doors and advises on painting. Old chalkboards are restored at the Dracut Centre School. Then, pantry cabinets, a soaker tub, and kitchen lighting are installed at the house.

S43 E37, Kevin O’Connor and general contractor Matt Whitbeck install a laundry room drain pan

S43 E37: Smooth Finish

The crew visits a tech school. Back at the house, floors are going down, and a custom drain pan is built for the laundry room. Then, the new irrigation system is discussed, and the ICF foundation gets a stucco-like finish.

S43 E36, Tom Silva and contractor Matt Whitbeck on scaffolding

S43 E36: Watertight Doghouse Dormers

Watch as a wet tap is performed to run new water lines at the house. Then, the team installs a fire sprinkler system and a slate hearth inside. Finally, doghouse dormers are made watertight and sided.

S43 E35, Kevin O’Connor learns about welding

S43 E35: Amped Up

This week, the house has undergone a dramatic transformation. The electrical and HVAC service is upgraded, and an old window gets new life. Then, host Kevin O’Connor is taught welding, and the house is ready for insulation.

S43 E34, Jenn Nawada, Kevin O’Connor, and Richard Trethewey play ice hockey

S43 E34: Neighbors on Ice

In the house, coffered ceilings hide plumbing pipes, while a central staircase is constructed. A drain plain is created for the porch, and a diffusion vent is installed on the roof. The crew ends the day on the ice.

S43 E33, Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva discuss steel I-beams

S43 E33: Old House New Supports

The old joists in the house are replaced, and tile selections are made. The old porch is tied into the new framing, and inside, steel I-beams support the open floor plan with no partitions. Finally, roof trusses are installed.

S43 E32, hot air balloon ride

S43 E32: Up and Away

In this episode, the team follows up with the restoration of a schoolhouse in Dracut, MA. Back in Saratoga, the homeowners select cabinets at a kitchen showroom. Then, the crew treats mold and mildew found in the home, and Kevin O’Connor takes a hot air balloon ride.

S20 E31, Jenn Nawada discusses succulents

S20 E31: Succulents, Water Filter

In this episode, Jenn talks about different types of succulents. Richard installs a reverse osmosis under-sink water filter, and then Tom builds a classic milk stool.

S43 E31, Tom Silva discusses raising the roof with builder Matt Whitbeck

S43 E31: Raise the Roof

Plumbing fixtures are chosen for the house. Then, the original foundation is repointed, and a ledger is installed on the new ICF foundation for the mudroom floor joists. Later, the crew takes a tour of a truss manufacturing facility.

S43 E30, Jenn Nawada tours secret gardens of Saratoga

S43 E30: Secret Gardens

The crew tours local gardens while a new foundation is built using ICFs. Then, we visit a mansion once owned by the inventor of a fire hydrant valve. Finally, forms are prepped for a pour-in-place concrete staircase.