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Deck-Railing Brace

Eliminate the sag in a long handrail

Using a Hole Saw

Give your wrist and your drill a break when cutting a large hole.

Removing Grout

You don't need a special tool to remove old grout, but you do need the determination to do it right.

Adjusting Your Sliding Door

A little attention before there's a problem will help keep your sliding door on track.

Drilling Pilot Holes

This extra step will prevent wood splitting if you do it before nailing

Removing a Stuck Light Bulb

What to do when a burned-out bulb is stuck in its socket

Removing Staples

Get these temporary tackers down quickly and easily

Strip-Sanding Spindles

You can't use a power sander on a slender leg or baluster — here's a way to strip those delicate parts

Perfect-Cut Paneling

How to keep the blade straight when cutting plywood paneling

Paint-Tray Protector

A simple step for easier cleanup