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How and When to Use Torches, Heat Guns, and Soldering Irons

You only need a little heat to burn right through some repairs.

Miter Saws

Looking for the best miter saw for your next home improvement project? Here’s a buying guide on how to choose and use this indispensable precision cutter.

Choosing & Using Random Orbit Sanders

How do you use an orbital sander? What’s the difference between an orbital sander vs palm sander? Learn about the tool that takes the hassle out of sanding wood.

Home Fire Extinguishers: Know the Different Types

Learn about fire extinguisher the different sizes, classes, and how to use them in your home.


From the basic bubble model to high-tech laser gadgets, what you need to know to get your house straight and plumb

All About Sprinklers

7 rain makers for easy lawn-watering, PLUS learn just how much you should be watering grass and plants.

Carts and Wheelbarrows

From trash to topsoil, everything travels more quickly when you stick a wheel underneath it

Measuring Tools

Whether it's length, distance, or angle, when the measurement you take is critical, so is the tool—and so is your technique

Garden Hand Tools

Choosing and using tough, reliable tools that will take a beating in your yard.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Shears to suit every task