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All About Shade Trees

Plant one to boost property values, lower energy costs—and leave a lasting legacy

28 Small Steps to Big Savings

Make bank with these nifty, thrifty around-the-house tips

Retro Kitchen Redo

A vintage stove and sink help a couple create a kitchen that's in sync with their 1930s house

Troubleshooting Your Vegetable Garden

We gathered common problems experienced by gardeners around the country and offered up some savvy solutions

The Ultimate Bonus Room Just Might be a Shed

Here's how one couple built a sheltered workspace with a traditional look that enhances their home's vintage charm

Garden Beauty on a Budget

A resourceful couple with a "more is more" philosophy and a talent for thrift carves a hardscrabble lot into a series of exuberantly romantic gardens

Creating a Secret Garden

Colorful plantings, winding pathways, and plenty of green screens transform an urban lot that's exposed to passersby on three sides into a private oasis

11 Ways to Save Water, Time, and Money on Your Landscape

If you're not irrigating your lawn, flower beds, and container plants using the most targeted, time-efficient methods possible, you're wasting water—and money

Using Rain Gardens to Keep Waterways Pollution-Free

How seven gorgeous gardens were designed to filter and divert rain runoff and protect the surrounding environment

How to Build a Rain Garden to Filter Run-Off

Create a rich plant basin to collect and filter storm-water runoff from gutters