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Pros and Cons of a Whole House Vacuum System

Wondering if installing a central vacuum system is worth it? Here’s one homeowner’s experience.

What to Know About Repointing Brick

Touching up like a pro means using the right mortar. Lime-based putties take longer to set but they won't break bricks.

Building a Safe Deck

A deck can handle even the rowdiest gang of fraternity brothers as long as the beam that carries the floor joists is properly bolted to the side of the house. Unlike bolts, nails can pull out — and without warning.

Adding Up

A second story with cedar shingles endows a 1950s ranch with old Yankee spirit.

Two Good Reasons You Should Buy Fiber-Optic Lighting

Fiber-optic lighting can save energy and mean the end of hard-to-change light bulbs.

U.S. Architecture: The Love and Lore of Log Cabins

No house style exemplifies our national identity as sweetly as the humble log cabin — just think of Lincoln's birthplace.

Closet Control

Tame unruly storage areas with smart shelving, drawers and cubbies