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How to Size a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a cost-effective way to cool off without cranking up the AC. Read on for tips on how to determine the size of a ceiling fan and how to install one.

A Bath That's Still Narrow, But Brighter and Airier

Just a few extra feet and some clever reworking give a once hemmed-in space needed elbow room and a clean new look

Best Plants for a Cottage Garden

Carry your home's cottage style through the garden with these flower options

3 Steps to Prevent Basement Leaks

A ruined basement upgrade is never a good surprise. Help prevent leaky mishaps with these 3 easy tips.

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Easy Commute

Close enough to make that drive to work and back as quick and pleasant as possible

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Fixer-Uppers

Places that offer excellent opportunities for anyone looking to take a diamond in the rough and polish it into a lasting gem